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5 Treatment Before Eid Al-Fitr

There is nothing wrong if you want to welcome Eid Al-Fitr with doing some treatment to look more beautiful. In fact, you have to look fresh in this holy day as represent that you back to the new you. These are five treatment you can do.

Get Your Fresh Skin
At least two weeks before the holy day, use face mask every night before you go to bed. Choose one with extra moisturizer that will keep your skin suppleness. Routine usege of face mask will helps your skin look fresh in Eid A-Fitr.

For Glowing Hair
Hair is every woman’s crown that will perfect the look. Sure you don’t want to meet friends or family in your messy, greasy, freezy hair. Use your hair serum as weekly treatment before the day. Hair serum with argan oil and pomegranate extract that you can find in stores will helps soften and nourish your hair. Time to show off your glowing healthy hair!

Lovely Nails
Sometimes details matters for your over-all look, not to mention nail cleanliness and beauty. Make sure your hand and toe nails are not dry, flaking, and
dirty. Use lotion for your nails every night before you sleep to keep it moistured. For extra treatment, manicure and padicure in your favorite salon will be a great idea.

Beautiful Smile
To meet the whole family sure will be a fun moment. There is no way you hold your smile or laugh just because your yellowish teeth, don’t you? Visit your dentist to clean or even whiten your teeth. If you are running out of time, you can try some of the ways to whitenning it, one of it is by rubbing the inside part of  banana peels. Bright and clean teeth will make you lose doubt to flash your beautiful smile.

Pemper Yourself with Home Spa
Pempering yourself before Eid will complete your body treatment. Take your time to do spa and massage at home with Dewi Sri Spa Reviving Class, Indonesia spa product which consists of Body Wash, Body Scrub, Massage Oil Body Lotion, and Bath Salt. It contains rice extract, and fresh lemon and peppermint essential oil that will relaxing you body and mind.

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