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5 Ways to Keep You Fresh When Travelling

To see the world, get full of amazing experiences and make new friendships, it surely will be the best feeling when we go travelling. However, although you crazy about travelling and doing some exciting activities like snorkling, hiking, strolling around the city, one thing you should not missed, to keep maintaining your beauty and feel fresh all day long. These are five simple ways to keep you feel fresh:
1.     Cotton Material
Especially when you go on vocation in summer time or to tropical island, choose comfortable outfit that made of cotton. This material can absorb sweat and prevent you from humidity. In the other hand, try to avoid rayon, silk, polyester, and nylon because those materials  has bad ability to absorb sweat and tend to make you feel stifling. Don’t forget to change your cloth when you sweat too much.
2.     Inner Shirt
Cotton baby teeor tank top will be a good way to prevent bad body odor. Inner shirt will absorb your sweat and prevent it to directly affected your outfit. Prepare one inner shirt on your bag, just in case the sun is too bright and you sweat too much.
3.     Avoid These Food
If you really have no other options, avoid food that contains strong taste like onion family and kari. This kind of seasoning will trig bad body odor. Beside this seasoning, avoid too fatty and too spicy foods. Don’t forget to consume fruits and vegatables to keep your body fit.
4.     Mineral Water
Did you know? Poison on our body is one of bad body odor causal factors. Drink mineral water will helps to detox your body and keep hydrated.
5.     Travel Kit Essential
This is your must-bring when travelling: body care essential! Not only to bring skin care and deodorant on your travel pouch, but also body scrub and body mist. If deodorant are usually sell in tiny package, make sure you pick travel size body scrub and body mist. Travel size is recommended especially when you go by plane.
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