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Spa 101 For More Relax Body

Spa Lovers, spa is a must-do treatment you should have when you want to feel relaxation experience. To optimize it, try some of these tricks. These are things you should do just before and after your spa ritual.A

  1. Light Meal
Before you take a spa treatment, make sure you don’t take heavy meals. Full stomach will make you feel uncomfortable during the massage treatment. Keep your meals light, you can take a small plate fruits or wheat biscuit. Try to avoid caffeine will also help you to feel more comfortable and relax too.
  1. A Litte of Warming Up
Get yourself a little of warming up before spa ritual or message. Twirling arms, neck and feels for 2 minutes will help you to relaxes your muscles, especially if you pretty often like to bring heavy bag.
  1. Clean Up
Before it starts, it’s better if you clean up with warm water first. Not only to clean, but warm temperature will helps relaxing tense muscles. In one of Indonesia well-known spa salon, Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa, relaxing bath ritual using Dewi Sri Spa Body Wash is including on its spa treatment.
  1. Tell Your Therapist
Everyone have their own sore threshold. So there is nothing wrong if you tell your therapist if her massage pressure is too hlight or too heavy during the massage. Sure your therapist will listen to your preference and will adjust her power according to your request in order to make you feel relax.
  1. Make Yourself Comfy
Your puposer in doing spa treatment is to get some relaxation and to boost your mood. So make sure you feel comfortable in every step of the treatment. Make sure you choose kind of treatment that you need and it fits to your budget. You don’t want to end up your quality time with grumble just because their bad service or overprice treatment, right?

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