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At Spa for the First Time

Not every one get so easy when first time in spa. You might feel embarrassed at having to take off your clothes and let the spa therapist perform the treatments. However, this is a natural thing that happens to everyone on their first time. ...

Drinking Water Before and After Spa

Before and after treatment at the spa, it's important to drink plenty of water. Drinking water make the muscle giving out better responses while you are having a massage. So the massage results will be more visible. ...

Other News
Dewi Sri Spa Launched Surya Majapahit as Its Newest Product Series
23 May 2015 Dewi Sri Spa

Held at Martha Tilaar Center, Jakarta, Dewi Sri Spa launched its newest product series. Inspired by Majapahit Empire which once really gloating in its era, Dewi Sri Spa created Dewi Sri Spa Surya Majapahit, ...

Chosen by the Readers, Dewi Sri Spa Won Bazaar Beauty Awards 2015
06 Apr 2015 Dewi Sri Spa

An annual event Bazaar Beauty Awards 2015 presented by Harpers Bazaar Indonesia was held last Tuesday, April 2, 2015. Held at Grand Ballroom The Ritz- Carlton, Pasific Place, Jakarta, Bazaar Beauty Awards awarded award to some best beauty products. ...

Dewi Sri Spa Received Her World Beauty Awards 2015
28 Feb 2015 Dewi Sri Spa

Received an award for Body Foam category in the previous year, its an honor for Dewi Sri Spa to receive Her World Beauty Awards 2015. Held on Februari 26, 2015 at Event Hall AEON Orchad Singapore, ...

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