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At Spa for the First Time

Not every one get so easy when first time in spa. You might feel embarrassed at having to take off your clothes and let the spa therapist perform the treatments. However, this is a natural thing that happens to everyone on their first time. ...

Drinking Water Before and After Spa

Before and after treatment at the spa, it's important to drink plenty of water. Drinking water make the muscle giving out better responses while you are having a massage. So the massage results will be more visible. ...

Other News
Enjoy Vietnam with Dewi Sri Spa Vietnam Wellness Tour
24 Nov 2014 Dewi Sri Spa

During 4 days, from November 20-23, 2014, 25 Spa Lovers enjoying the beauty Vietnam with Dewi Sri Spa. The participants of this fun trip are the winners Dewi Sri Spa Da Nang- Hoi An Vietnam Wellness Tours program, July-October 2014 period. ...

Dewi Sri Spa Talkshow at Paris Van Java
02 Jun 2014 Dewi Sri Spa

On last Mei 31, 2014, Dewi Sri Spa held a talkshow in Paris Van Java, Bandung. In this show, Dewi Sri Spa presented two speakers, dr. Astrid Fabiola Tilaar, M.Si, a beauty expert consultant from Puspita Martha International School and Yosefin Hanna from Dewi Sri Spa. In the talkshow, both of the speakers talk about the importance of having a treatment routine before marriage.


Fun Yoga & Talkshow with Dewi Sri Spa and Women's Health Indonesia Magazine
15 Jan 2014 Dewi Sri Spa

In collaboration with Women's Health Indonesia Magazine, Dewi Sri Spa supported Fun Yoga & Talkshow in Surabaya, October 6, 2013 ago. Not only as a community gathering for Dewi Sri Spa's lovers and Women's Health Indonesia Magazine's readers, event that attended by around 75 participants also held with purpose to increase the importance of healthy life awareness. ...

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