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Dewi Sri Spa Launched Surya Majapahit as Its Newest Product Series

Held at Martha Tilaar Center, Jakarta, Dewi Sri Spa launched its newest product series. Inspired by Majapahit Empire which once really gloating in its era, Dewi Sri Spa created Dewi Sri Spa Surya Majapahit, a Sun Care Treatment series consists of Sun Protection Lotion, Cooling Shower Gel, and Shooting Body Gel.

What make this newest series of Dewi Sri Spa more interesting are lotus extract and SPF 40 that has benefit to protect the skin from direct sun light. Not only as the symbol of Majapahit Empire, lotus has essential benefits for beauty, such as decrease the heat sensation on the skin and redness caused by irritation, and also helps collagen production and protects skin softness.  

On its launching day, Dewi Sri Spa presented four speakers, Dr. Astrid Tilaar, Dian Asmarani (Group Manager Luxury Brand Martha Tilaar Group), Maily (Research & Development Manager Martha Tilaar Group), and Dian Nitami. And just like what Dr. Astrid Tilaar said, it’s really important for every woman to always protect her skin from direct sun light.

“Skin is the largest organ on human body that has function to protect internal organs. That is why giving good protection to skin is a thing that cannot be missed by every woman,” she said. 

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