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Important! Dont Forget to Drink Water After Massage

Why is it so important to drink plenty of water after having a massage? Basically, drinking water is good for your body because the water helps the liver and other organs to process all the things that go through your body every day. In connection with the massage, drinking water after massage help the body washed away the material gathered around your muscle that was issued when you’re having massage. By drinking water, the water flushed this material out of your body, because if these materials accumulate in your body, it will cause muscle ache after the massage.

Most importantly massage can be dehydrating. Massage depletes water in the muscles. and moves the fluid in the interstitial spaces between your muscles. By drinking water, You are  rehydrating your muscles, reducing the risk of muscle pain after a massage.

So, after having massaged, never forget to drink a lot of water!

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